Flat roofs are a common roofing choice for residential and commercial buildings across the country, especially for outbuildings and large structures. Flat roofing systems offer various benefits and give the home a visual boost when properly designed, installed, and maintained by a professional roofing contractor.  One note: a flat roof is not truly flat. They have a slope or pitch of around 10 degrees to prevent water pooling.

Let’s look at the top benefits of flat roofs that contribute to their popularity and make them a preferred choice over sloped roofs.


Flat roofs entice most homeowners due to their affordability. Compared to sloped roofs, flat roofs require less material, are quick and straightforward to install, do not require shingles or tiles for added protection, and do not involve any potential injury risk. All these factors contribute to lowering the material and labor costs.


Sloped roofs are dangerous to climb and walk. Flat roofs have a stable horizontal surface with minimal slope, making them safer to access. It is easy to clean them, perform regular inspections and maintenance, or fix any damages. Flat roofs are also more affordable to re-coat and repair compared to other roofing systems.


Flat roofing systems are versatile and offer significant additional usable space. There are endless possibilities of utilizing a flat roof. Homeowners can construct roof decks, install solar panels or air conditioning units, set up a rooftop garden, store heavy equipment or use the space for parties and other entertainment and leisure activities. Flat roofs also maximize the home’s interior space. Homeowners can turn their attics into a storage room or bedroom to create a versatile living space.


The materials used to construct flat roofs are highly energy-efficient and work to keep the utility bills under control. Flat roofs are popular in areas experiencing warmer climates where they don’t trap warm air or allow cool air to escape, cutting the amount of energy required to keep the home comfortable year-round.


Flat roofs are highly durable and offer significant protection from different weather elements, like wind and rain. They are ideal for dry and arid regions and areas experiencing frequent storms and high winds. Most homeowners prefer flat roofs due to their strength, ability to withstand damage, and need for fewer repairs. A properly designed and maintained flat roof has an average lifespan of 30 years or more. 


Flat roofs offer homeowners a wide range of materials to choose from, depending on their environment and building structure. They are lighter than sloped roofs and give better protection. Modified bitumen roofing, built-up roofing (BUR), EPDM rubber roof, and PVC membrane roofing are the most common types of flat roofs. A professional can advise on the best flat roofing system for the home that gives maximum protection and offers the best look. 

Flat roofs offer several advantages, right from affordability and durability to functionality and ease of maintenance. Get in touch with a local roofing contractor to know more about flat roofs and get high-quality roof installation.

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