Springtime Is Here and So Are Roof Pests 

As the days get longer and warmer, flowers begin to blossom and critters start to make an appearance. Wouldn’t it be the perfect world if these critters minded their own business, just like the flowers do? Well, roof pests don’t care about your desires; all they care about is finding a comfortable place to crash during the springtime.

It’s mating season after all, and they need a place to nurse their babies. Your roof is the perfect spot. It provides protection from the elements, especially if they are able to get inside your roof. East Texas Roof Works has listed a couple of reasons as to why they are attracted to your roof, as well as tips to keep them off of it.

What Are Roof Pests?

There are all sorts of pests that are attracted to your roof, including raccoons, squirrels, birds, rats, bees, and bats. Each one poses a different threat, but they all damage your roof. For example, raccoons and squirrels find holes on your roof and make them bigger, so they can get inside your home. These holes become a perfect place for leaks to occur.

The Type of Roofing Material

Roof pests are more attracted to roofs made out of wood. Natural wood is great for termites. These termites climb up your siding and onto your roof. They enter your rafters through crafts, vents, and uncovered soffits. A colony of termites on your roof rafters can eventually cause your ceiling to collapse. 

Green Roofs

Roofs that have vegetation are also prone to roof pests. It’s free food after all. Although certain pests are essential for the health of your green roof, most pests will take advantage of it. They will make themselves at home and ruin your vegetation plans.

Tree Branches Near Your Roof

If there are tree branches near your roof, they provide a perfect route for roof pests to climb and hop onto your roof. Who is going to want to pass up an accessible roof? The easiest solution is to chop off the tree branches regularly to cut off their main route.

How to Keep Critters Off Your Roof

There are many things you can do to keep critters off of your roof, including maintaining your roof regularly. Get a professional roof inspection once or twice a year. They will discover if there are any damages, such as holes on your roof. These holes are ideal for roof pests. It gives them easy access to the inside of your home. Therefore, patching these holes up and getting regular inspections is a must. 

East Texas Roof Works Is Here for You

If you have noticed critters on your roof, or you want to ensure that your roof doesn’t become their springtime home, get in touch with East Texas Roof Works. We offer inspections, maintenance, repairs, and replacements year-round. By keeping your roof in optimal shape, you offer no other solution than for the critters to find another home. To learn more about what our professional roofers can do for you, just give us a call!

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