Rusk Tx

Rusk is a quaint town located in the tranquil Piney Woods. The place features charming little shops, diners, and lodging facilities where people can relax and wind down; there are even three campgrounds and two hotels here serving guests from all over the country. Many Rusk residents also depend on a trusted roofing company to ensure that day-to-day life isn’t disrupted if inclement weather strikes.

That company is none other than East Texas Roof Works. Our qualified contractors are licensed, insured, and follow all local requirements. This way, our clients are provided with liability protection should workplace injuries or accidental property damage occur. We approach each project with the same passion and deliver spectacular roofing no matter how challenging the building’s layout may be.


Families require a quality roof over their heads to protect them from various threats. Roofs that are too old can’t offer this convenience due to numerous issues, such as lichen, moss, algae, or other problems associated with bad shingles. New roofing isn’t plagued by these troublesome developments and can adequately shield the house and its inhabitants.

When it comes to installing a new roof, hiring professionals should be the only option. They deliver exceptional results using recommended products and techniques. The experts also have years of experience, allowing them to correctly position each new roof segment and avoid leaks. Besides, the pros do the job much quicker than an average homeowner can do on their own.


Time takes its toll on a roof and leads to deterioration. The roof also takes a beating due to storms, sun exposure, and hail impacts. If all these adverse effects accumulate, the roof’s durability is significantly reduced, and its ability to protect the house is impaired. This situation calls for professional roof replacement services and a brand new roof.

Not just any company should carry out the roof replacement. It is best to hire someone with several years of experience in the industry who’s already familiar with all the conventions of replacing a roof, and this is precisely what East Texas Roof Works offers. We are veteran roof replacement contractors who ensure that the new roof is installed correctly and serves clients for many years.


Severe weather can do a number on the roofing. When a powerful storm occurs, it can tear apart entire roof sections and leave a massive hole for water to enter. Once it enters inside, water can spread throughout the house and bring about serious problems. If left unchecked, it leads to extensive damage to the walls, ceilings, furniture, and many other areas prone to water intrusion.

To avoid mold growth and a drenched interior due to roof leaks, hire East Texas Roof Works to seal up the holes immediately after the storm. Even if the damage seems overwhelming, we render a smooth service and skillfully repair each affected component. We have built an excellent reputation for helping people out when storms strike, and we can do the same for you.


One of the most common causes of roof damage in fall and spring is hail. It can create holes and dings that cause immediate harm. Hail damage may also go unnoticed for months and reveal its true scale only when the next storm occurs. In this case, the roof and other areas of the house can suffer even more.

To avoid this, book East Texas Roof Works to inspect the place and repair the areas affected by the hailstorm. We specialize in fixing roofs after they’ve been struck by natural elements and know just how to return them to their former state. It’s critical to address the issue right away so that the situation doesn’t get out of hand and cost thousands of dollars. Contact us as soon as possible, and we can fix the roof efficiently to prepare it for future challenges.


While repairing smaller roof leaks, ice damming, and removing snow is essential, there are more urgent situations that require immediate attention. For example, if a tree limb that’s torn off crashes onto a roof, it can puncture the decking beneath. It compromises the entire structure and leaves plenty of room for a large amount of water to enter. It is just as dangerous if powerful winds have blown off a whole section of the roof, where sharp and heavy debris can enter the house and damage its components.

In such an event, get emergency roofing services the moment the accident happens. Reach out to East Texas Roof Works, and we’re at the doorstep in no time, ready to tarp the area and secure the whole roof until the storm is over. Afterward, we assess the condition of the house and give the best solution possible. We work great under pressure and keep the situation under control.


Roof leaks can develop for various reasons and at different points of a roof’s lifetime. Poor design, faulty construction, and extreme weather contribute to forming leaks that are sometimes too small to notice. Despite their size, they give rise to extensive damage, compromise the interior, and bring about mold development that can severely harm the inhabitants’ health.

Climbing up to the attic is often not enough to detect roof leaks. Successful detection requires the appropriate tools and knowing where to look, especially if the leaks hide in hard-to-reach places. To prevent losing a lot of money due to roof leakage, have the roof inspected by professional contractors. We’ll send a seasoned team who can track down the problems and seal them for good.


One of the most effective ways to make a roof more energy-efficient is through roof coatings. Houses with coated roofs also have an easier time controlling the temperature inside; there’s less strain on HVAC systems since the coating’s reflective surface reduces energy use. Another benefit is a lower risk of water or chemical damage, allowing the roof to stand up to various threats.

The key to ensuring all these advantages of roof coatings is hiring the right company. The professionals with East Texas Roof Works have performed this work countless times and made thousands of homeowners happy. We can also advise you on which coating to choose to make the most of the investment. Once we’re done, the roof looks much better and features enhanced properties that contribute to the structure’s protective capabilities.

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