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One of the greatest charms of living in Jacksonville is the broad spectrum of fun activities for all age groups. There are scenic landscapes, infinite recreational opportunities, and enticing cuisine to tickle one’s taste buds. Jacksonville is also known for its rich agricultural heritage and top-grade wineries. To add to the comfort each resident and business owner has in this environment, local roofing contractors gladly extend their services.

East Texas Roof Works has served the nearby area for decades and installed sturdy roofs on countless houses. Jacksonville residents turn to us because they know that each service guarantees thorough repairs or a gorgeous new roof. Our customers always come first, which is why we’ve acquired an excellent reputation and earned clients’ trust. We work tirelessly on every project, and those who hire us can expect unmatched results.


For those who are looking to improve their home’s resale value, installing a new roof is a sure-fire way to accomplish this goal. On average, roofs add nearly $13,000 to the house’s value if they are correctly installed. People who make this investment typically sell their homes faster and for a higher price than they would with their old roofs.

To make a home more valuable and add better protection against bad weather, reach out to us at any time of the day. Our company installs roofs in diverse styles, various colors, and powerful protective components. Furthermore, the products our veteran workers install are backed by warranties, providing homeowners with much-needed peace of mind. Contact East Texas Roof Works, and you’ll get a roof that lasts.


Many homeowners decide to have their roofs replaced to avoid problems associated with deteriorating shingles. More specifically, older roofs may contain shingles whose warranties have already expired; even if there’s a natural disaster that causes them to break or fly away, an insurance claim will come to nothing. In such cases, the homeowner has to cover expensive repairs that could have been avoided with a roof replacement.

Therefore, replace an aging roof as soon as possible and reap the tremendous benefits this home improvement provides. East Texas Roof Works offers numerous design options, and our team is flexible enough to create different angles, depending on the layout. We have enjoyed Jacksonville’s trust for many years now and have rendered first-class replacement services. After we’re done, you’ll be properly protected by an attractive roof.


Storms spell trouble for all East Texas homeowners and usually lead to terrible consequences for the roof. They can weaken the structure’s durability with numerous cracks and bruises, resulting in a shortened lifespan. Furthermore, if the homeowners are planning on selling the property, potential buyers won’t like the holes and scrapes that haven’t been fixed. For this reason, having the roof examined and repaired after a storm is highly recommended.

In most cases, temporary repairs won’t do the trick. When homeowners need professional contractors to perform extensive fixes, East Texas Roof Works is here to provide. We identify all the areas that need addressing and seal any holes the roof may have developed. Once the work is done, our clients have a great-looking, durable roof with no signs of damage.


Following a severe hailstorm, one of the first concerns is whether any leaks have developed. Hailstones and high winds may have blown off or dented some of the shingles, increasing the risk of water intrusion through cracks. The house’s interior is quickly compromised, and mold starts developing in numerous places.

That’s why acting fast after a hailstorm is a must, and our highly trained team is here to help whenever they’re needed. Our dedicated contractors provide comprehensive roof inspections that pinpoint the leaks, no matter where they’re hiding. We also assess any current damage, fix the roof’s broken sections, and prevent further harm and money lost on more repairs.


In the event of a natural disaster, protecting the roof might not be one of the homeowner’s priorities. They may not even consider roof damage a significant source of concern, but the reality is often completely different. Since the roof is typically the first line of defense against emergencies, it’s exposed to all sorts of threats. In extreme cases, entire sections of the roof may be blown off, requiring the work of experts.

When a roofing emergency occurs, every second counts. Even if the damage seems too great to handle, contact us, and we can expertly deal with the problem as we’ve done repeatedly in the past. Witness our quick response and remarkable solutions to roofing emergencies first-hand.


Roof leaks can develop for many reasons. Some of the most common causes include loose or cracked shingles and backed-out nails. These conditions allow water to seep in and are quite common in aged roofs. Additionally, water can also enter the house if the flashing was installed poorly by amateur contractors.

Tracking down the root of the leak is the first step of repairing the roof. The sooner we locate the source, the faster we can resolve the issue. The team members at East Texas Roof Works are knowledgeable and accurate in their detection, meaning that no leaks are overlooked. After discovering the leaks, we patch the holes up and leave clients with a fully functional roof.


Not every homeowner can afford roof replacement. Luckily, they can take another approach to enhance the roofing system, which is to have the roof coated. This method can be applied to most flat roofs and is incredibly beneficial. It extends the roof’s lifespan and features reliable waterproofing properties.

Since Jacksonville can get quite rainy at certain periods of the year, applying roof coating is a smart investment. This way, homeowners won’t have to worry about rain and sun exposure that severely harm unprotected roofs. We work with clients in determining the ideal type of coating for the roof and use all our skills and tools to give unmatched service.

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