The fall season is the best time for homeowners to perform various maintenance tasks that prepare the property for the upcoming cold months. Roof care is a vital part of the fall maintenance routine that ensures that the roofing system remains healthy and protects your home and family from external weather elements.

Exposure to scorching summer heat and UV rays takes a toll on the roof. Letting it endure winter conditions without any preventative upkeep can cause severe damage to the essential roofing components and threaten the integrity of your home’s structure.

Here are a few fall roof care tips that homeowners can follow to extend the roof life and protect the property from damage:


Inspect the roof to spot any signs of damage. Visual examinations help detect minor issues and weaknesses that can turn hazardous during the winter. Look for damaged or missing shingles, examine the areas around the roof penetrations for loose or worn-out materials, check the gutters for shingle granules, outdoor walls for stains, and ensure that the roof is adequately insulated. Along with exterior roof inspection, check the attic and interior walls and ceilings for symptoms of water damage like spots, discoloration, and mold.


Trim all the trees in the yard that have branches hanging too close to the roof. Winter storms and high winds cause the overhanging branches to rub against the roof surface and cause bruises, or they can break away and fall on the roof surface leading to significant damage. Trimming the trees minimizes the leaves and twigs that fall on the rooftop and end up clogging the gutters or lead to organic growth that may impact a roof cosmetically. Adopting proper trimming practices enhances roof safety and avoids the need for emergency roof repairs.


Clean the gutters to remove leaves and debris before winters to ensure smooth drainage and avoid leaks and potentially costly repairs. Clogged gutters and downspouts allow rainwater or water from melted ice and snow to overflow and expose the siding, windows, roof, and foundation to water damage like cracks and mold. Consider installing gutter guards to significantly reduce the time and effort required for gutter cleaning and keep them properly functioning.


Every roof damage is not visible to naked eyes, and inexperienced homeowners may not know how to examine a roof correctly. We recommend hiring a licensed roofing contractor for pre-winter inspections. Professionals can perform thorough roof assessments to catch potential issues in the early stages. Fall is a busy time for roofers, and homeowners may find it hard to find a reliable and affordable professional. Book this professional well in advance to provide your roof with the care and maintenance it demands.


If the roofer identifies that certain parts of the roof need upkeep during the inspection, do not fail to perform the suggested repairs to prevent the winter from further worsening the damage. The moderate fall temperatures make it simple and less time-consuming for the roofers to execute the maintenance work. Replace the roof before winter if it is old and worn out.

Take care of your roof during autumn to enjoy peace of mind knowing that the roofing system will stand tall to keep the home and belongings safe during the harshest winter weather.

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