Elkhart Tx

Elkhart is a small town in East Texas. The population is just over 1,000, but despite a small number of residents, the area has a rich culture and deep commitment to preserving its environment. However, this region frequently sees fierce storms that can wreak havoc across the entire community. That’s why having dependable roofing contractors who can respond quickly is of the utmost importance for the locals.

To that end, Elkhart residents turn to East Texas Roof Works for a variety of roofing services. We perform high-quality services that ensure the roof lasts for many years and can endure some of the most powerful storms in this area. What is more, our services come with warranties both on our materials and labor. Once we perform any job on the house, feel safe knowing that the roof is fully protected.


When moving into a new house, homeowners may also want to install a new roof. In that case, they may decide that taking the DIY route and performing the job themselves is a good idea, but this is ill-advised. Even if homeowners have some experience working on similar projects, the job is likely much more complicated than they initially imagined. There’s also a high chance of sustaining injuries during the process, which is why having a new roof installed by professionals is a far better course of action.

Here at East Texas Roof Works, we use state-of-the-art tools that help us mount roofing according to the industry’s highest standards. When we work on a roof, we consider both the functionality and beauty of the construction we put in place. Since the roof plays a vital role in a house’s curb appeal, we make sure that the new roofing perfectly matches the rest of the home. Best of all, there are no safety concerns for you and the rest of the family with seasoned experts in the picture.


One of the main reasons Elkhart residents choose to replace their roofs is to enhance their house’s resale value. For those who plan on selling their home sometime soon, replacing the roof is one of the wisest investments to make. New roofing shows the potential buyers that the house has been maintained adequately, allowing the seller to ask for a higher price than they would for an older roof. They’ll highly appreciate that they don’t need to replace the roof of their new home.

A sure-fire way to get a stunning new roof is to hire East Texas Roof Works. We have the expertise and access to all the materials necessary to perform the job properly. No matter the home’s layout, we deliver impressive results and make the new roof look spectacular. Moreover, clients won’t have to worry about cleaning up after the installation since our hard-working contractors take care of it all.


Perhaps the most common reason why people have to repair their roofs are accrued storm damage. Broken tree branches or high winds may have damaged the roof in many ways, such as blowing off granules or shingles off the roof. A tree branch may have even broken off and fallen onto the roof, puncturing in the process. Depending on the extent of the damage, homeowners might need to have certain sections repaired, or the entire roof itself needs to be replaced to return its functionality.

Our company is fully dedicated to providing clients with quick repairs after an unfortunate incident, such as powerful storms. Once the weather has cleared, our contractors thoroughly inspect each corner of the roof to detect signs of damage caused by hailstones or other debris. Afterward, we develop the best solution to return the roof to its optimal condition. Whether the roof requires small or extensive repairs, count on East Texas Roof Works to use the finest materials and tools to fix the roof quickly and ensure it can protect the house for years to come.


The extent of a roof’s hail damage varies, depending on the severity of the storm and the roofing material’s durability. For example, composition and asphalt shingles can lose their granules, fall out of their position, or even break. A similar outcome occurs with wood shingles, forcing homeowners to repair the missing or damaged shingles. Otherwise, the roof starts leaking eventually and results in even costlier repairs.

The harm caused by hailstorms should be repaired immediately after the skies are clear. Even though immediate damage may not be visible, a hailstone may have poked a hole through the roof, allowing water to penetrate. To avoid a more severe problem down the line, get East Texas Roof Works to conduct an inspection, see which areas need fixing, and perform the necessary repairs. Regardless of the elements Mother Nature bombards the roof with, our team of experts is at clients’ beck and call, eager to provide superb services.


After serving East Texas for decades, we are fully aware that nature can ravage houses when homeowners least expect it. For this reason, we’re here to offer homeowners a helping hand and keep leaks under control when they need us most. One of the best responses to an emergency is to stop the leak right away, place a tarp over the affected sections, and limit the house’s exposure to the elements. These steps minimize the amount of water that can enter the house and lower the cost of ensuing repairs.

Once storm damage happens, don’t wait until the next day to call for help. The situation needs to be handled with great care, exactly what East Texas Roof Works offers. Our highly professional team can respond to the call at any hour of the day and reach your doorstep in double-quick time. We take immediate action, which makes a dramatic difference between little and extensive roof damage.


Whenever there are storms and high winds, the potential for leaks is massive. Some of them are quite obvious, especially if a tree branch penetrates the roof or a golf ball-sized hailstone breaks a shingle or two. However, smaller holes can sometimes be more dangerous since they are hard to detect, and many months can pass before any signs of damage are noticed. At that point, other structures of the home may have been harmed, leading to even higher expenses.

We are the roofing company to call to avoid the expense of removing gallons of water from the house. Our residential leak services are thorough and consist of inspecting every single corner of the roof. If necessary, we can follow up our detection with top-notch damage restoration and repairs. All our technicians are certified and trained to provide homeowners with exceptional roofing services.


There are many reasons why homeowners should consider coating the roof. One of them is restoring an aging roof, which is usually cheaper than installing a new one. Moreover, applying coatings early in a roof’s life is becoming increasingly popular. The coating safeguards the roof from various forms of damage right from the start and gives it reflectivity that the system underneath may lack.

For decades, East Texas Roof Works has offered outstanding roof coating solutions to Elkhart and the surrounding area. With an unparalleled commitment to high quality and expertise, our contractors apply the coating properly to simplify the maintenance and enhance the roof’s protection. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and reap all the benefits roof coating brings to the table.

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