Decorate Your Roof for Halloween: 5 Spooky Ideas

October is finally here and it’s time to start decorating your home for Halloween! Have you finished decorating the inside of your house? You might be ready to start adding spooky decorations to your yard and roof. If that’s the case, East Texas Roof Works has some Halloween decoration tips. Take advantage of your entire home and decorate your roof with these 5 spine-chilling decorations. 

Spiders: an Eight-Leg Horror Story

It’s safe to say that many people dislike spiders. In fact, about 3 to 15% of the population has arachnophobia, which is the fear of spiders. Whether it’s their eight crawly legs or their ability to appear in every corner of a home, they make for some great scares. Now, you don’t need to get live spiders to scare your neighborhood. Just buy some oversized fake ones and place them around your home. The roof is a perfect place to decorate with spiders. There’s no telling when they will jump off to catch their prey…

Cemeteries Don’t Only Belong in the Ground

Although most cemeteries are found on the ground, why not switch things up and decorate your roof with a bunch of gravestones and hands sticking out of the roof? This will certainly make things uncanny. There’s nothing more unsettling than placing something ordinary out of the ordinary.

Halloween Lights

Light decorations aren’t just for Christmas! In fact, there are many spooky Halloween light decorations that take your home to the next level. Decorate your roof with these additions, but make sure to only place string lights on your shingles and nothing heavier.

Pumpkin Patch

If you want something less spooky but just as fun, add some pumpkins to your roof and some vines. This is aesthetically pleasing, as well as different. I bet not a lot of your neighbors are growing pumpkins on their roofs.

Spooky Inflatables

There are so many inflatable decorations to choose from. From ghosts, skeletons, and goblins, to witches, black cats, and pumpkins, the list is endless. Use your imagination and create the horror house of your dreams. You can place these inflatables around your yard, and get creative by decorating your roof with these Halloween inflatables too.

East Texas Roof Works Is Here to Help

Be sure to stay safe while you are decorating your home. You can get adventurous and decorate your roof too, but we recommend getting a roof inspection before you do that. Our team at East Texas Roof Works can evaluate your roof and let you know if it is in good condition to decorate. We want to help prevent any accidents or roof damage– there’s no need for a real nightmare!

Our team has been providing roofing solutions for many years to cities all over East Texas. No project is too big or too small for our crew. We can inspect your roof, regularly maintain it, repair simple damage, or replace the entire system. Whatever the case may be, we are on it. Give our roof experts a call today to get started.

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