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Single Ply Roofing

Single ply roofing offers commercial buildings a high level of protection from the weather and elements. We are a top commercial roofing company that supplies our customers with the highest quality materials for roofing. If you want a durable and long-lasting roof option, single ply roofing is your best bet. Single ply roofing is an energy-efficient option that you can count on for years to come. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation and inspection of your roof.

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Types of Single Ply Roofing

Single Ply Roofing TylerWhen you are choosing a single ply roofing type, it helps to understand the benefits of each of these options. Single ply roofing applications are typically divided into two categories: thermosets and thermoplastics.
We work with the following types of commercial single ply roofing systems:

  • EPDM
  • PVC
  • TPO

The most common thermoset membrane is EPDM (sometimes called rubber roofing). EPDM is one of the most durable single ply roofing membrane types. EPDM has a high level of weather resistance. The lifespan of an EPDM roof is around 40 years or more if installed properly and well maintained.

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a material that allows for flexibility in the membrane. This is something that is important to making it impact resistant and durable. It also has weathering properties as well as a resistance to industrial pollutants and other harsh chemicals. PVC roofs are extremely durable.

Thermoplastic polyolefin, or TPO, is a commercial roofing option that is made from a fire-resistant membrane. Not only is this type of membrane fire resistant but it is also resistant to leaks, punctures, grease, and chemicals. This is the best option for rooftops that have a lot of traffic. A TPO roof will help keep your building cooler because it doesn’t absorb the heat from the sun. A cooler roof translates to lower energy costs.

Call us today to schedule a roof inspection and find out if single ply roofing would be right for your commercial building. We will evaluate your building and roof and determine if single ply is the best option. We always provide free detailed written estimates, so you have nothing to lose.

Our goal is to give our clients the best commercial roofing system for their needs at an affordable price. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Torch Down Roofing Jacksonville

Torch Down Roofing

Torch down roofing is typically used for roofs with a minimal slight pitch to them or flat roofs. The main type of torch down is a modified bitumen. Torch down roofing is considered to be a single ply roofing that is activated through the use of flames on a bitumen-backed membrane that is installed over a sheet of fiberglass. It is impermeable and resistant to the elements, meaning that rainwater and sunlight will not do as much damage to this type of roof.

Modified Bitumen

Asphalt roofing has advanced and the result is modified bitumen. This type of membrane has several layers that make it akin to a built up roof, but its application is similar to a single ply roof.

Modified bitumen is steadily rising in popularity and is known for being a hybrid roofing type. In addition to using the strength of a modified bitumen material, it also uses the same features of a built up roof, giving you the best of both worlds. This can reduce the amount of labor that is required to install this type of commercial roof. Call our office today to get a free estimate on modified bitumen installation.

Benefits of a modified bitumen roofing system:

  • High level of performance
  • Water resistant
  • Installation options
  • “Cool roof”
  • Tear resistant
  • Cost-effective

If single ply roofing is a good fit for your commercial building, then let our team install it the right way for maximum benefits. We have a combined 100 years in the roofing industry, and we gladly put that knowledge to work for our valued clients. Call our office today for more information on any of our roofing services.

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Our team installs and services commercial single ply roofing systems in Tyler, Chandler, Brownsboro, Jacksonville, Palestine, and all nearby cities in East Texas.

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