The Answers To All Of Your East Texas Commercial Roofing Questions– Schedule Your Roof Survey Today

This commercial roof survey guide is for all of the business owners and property managers out in East Texas. You’re great at what you do. You keep the daily operations moving, generate profits, not to mention you personally ensure the satisfaction of your clients and staff. With so many moving parts, East Texas Roof Works in Tyler, Texas knows you don’t have a ton of free time on your hands to worry about a failing commercial roof and potential resolutions. 

That’s why we’ve devised a free guide to make the commercial roof research process fast and easy. Keep reading to find the answers to frequently asked commercial roofing questions. We promise that this brief blog post will help inform you and put you on track to find just the right East Texas roofing company for your commercial renovation project. 

Should I Re-Roof Or Replace My Commercial Roofing System?

If your roofing system is still in fairly good condition, you can probably get away with re-roofing. Unfortunately, there are certain circumstances in which you’d have to opt for a total roof tear-off. Two of the most common reasons you’d need to go with a complete replacement is if your commercial building has multiple roofs or it’s structurally unstable. A roof survey will give you a better idea about your roof’s condition and help you make the right decision to maintain the structural integrity of your commercial building. 

What Is The Best Time Of Year For A Commercial Roof Survey?

First, let’s get into the question “what is a roof survey?” Well, this assessment is similar to a run-of-the-mill roof inspection, but it’s a bit more intensive. Property managers or key decision-makers should schedule a roof survey prior to commencing any major commercial roofing project. Generally, East Texas Roof Works recommends that you schedule the initial survey in early Spring so you can figure out the logistics and get on your preferred roofing company’s books before they get completely booked and your project is pushed to the back of the queue. 

What Are Some Components Of A Commercial Roof Survey That I Should Know About?

An East Texas Roof Works team member will complete your commercial roof survey. Throughout the assessment, they’ll inspect the condition of the roof membrane and the greater roofing system. This includes everything from insulation to structure. Your surveyor will check everything, take core samples and measurements, and collect any other relevant information that will help us recommend the right roofing solution for your business and allow us to provide you with the most accurate quote. Some other things our experienced roofing contractors will check for include: 

  • Deck, Insulation, Membrane Condition
  • Base Flashing Condition
  • Metal Edge Condition
  • Wall Coping Condition
  • Drains, Gutter Condition
  • Wall Surfaces Condition
  • Roof Slope
  • Drainage Method and Standing Water

Next Steps

The roof survey will give us a lot of important information and once it’s complete, we’ll send you a comprehensive report of our findings. This report includes observations, recommendations, and alternative solutions. It will be accurate and well polished so you can present the information and a proposal to board members, investors, and other interested parties. Our roofers will also include photos and contextual information so anyone will be able to follow our findings, but if there’s ever any confusion, our customer care department is readily available to answer your questions or escalate the issue and schedule a consultation with the original inspector. 

Commercial Roof Installation

If your commercial roof is quickly approaching its best by date or you’re noticing warning signs of failure like roof leaks– call East Texas Roof Works right away. As temperatures remain moderate, we can send a crew right away to assess your roof or if you’re being proactive, schedule a survey for the Spring. Whatever you need, our roofing experts are here for you. 

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