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Center, Texas is a charming town and home to diverse communities. It is tucked away by the Piney Woods in East Texas and is now a vibrant community teeming with activity. There are many different groups in Center, from young families and students to oil field workers and retirees. One can never feel bored in this lovely little town, but just like any other place, Center relies on professional roofing services to make life more comfortable.

When selecting a roofing contractor, finding experts should be the top priority. Professional roofers with years of experience under their belt are familiar with all sorts of roofing projects and know which materials are best suited for each house. They can install a new roof or repair an old one without making any mistakes, ensuring that the roof remains undamaged for years to come. With proper techniques and products, homeowners can rest assured that they’re receiving the finest service.


East Texas Roof Works takes great pride in using roofing materials of the highest quality, versatility, and durability. When installing a new roof, homeowners can choose from a diverse product catalog we’ve hand-picked to match whatever requirement they may have. We can recommend the ideal solution for the house, and our top-notch contractors install the new roof with high accuracy and attention to detail. For us, quality comes first, and our main goal is to provide a sturdy roof over Center residents’ heads.

That’s also why new roof installment isn’t a project that should be taken lightly. Considering that the structure is often the first line of defense against natural elements, novice workers cannot adequately install roofing components. Improper work spells trouble on many levels and may force people to get a new roof shortly after the installation. To prevent this scenario, hire East Texas Roof Works, and we can install a durable roof that will serve you for a long time.


Re-roofing a house is one of the most significant aspects of renovation projects. When properly installed, a new roof guarantees the home is shielded from rain, ice, snow, and debris. However, many people perform the replacement by themselves or hire the cheapest company they can find to save some money. However, this increases the risk of poor construction, which can result in disastrous consequences.

For this reason, booking East Texas Roof Works to replace the roof is a much safer and beneficial option. We are a professional, knowledgeable team that’s carried out numerous roof replacement projects, and the constructions we’ve installed have withstood the test of time repeatedly. Whether some shingles are missing or the roof has discolored and lost its ability to fight UV rays, our company is the ideal choice for replacement. We guarantee nothing but superb results and a roof that will keep the inhabitants perfectly safe.


One of the main purposes of a roof is to endure strong elements. However, in many cases, heavy storms can prove too powerful for a roof and cause extensive damage. For instance, the roof’s flashing can be torn off altogether, some shingles may fly away, and entire sections of the roof can be missing. If you notice any of these forms of destruction, call East Texas Roof Works right away to take care of the repairs.

Handling post-storm situations alone can be stressful and lead to further damage to the house. A person can even injure themselves if they try to perform the repairs due to sharp debris and dangerous heights. To avoid this, give us a call, and we’ll be at the doorstep with all the knowledge and materials necessary to make repairs. We can restore a roof to its former condition so that there are no leaks any time soon.


Hailstones come in numerous sizes, giving rise to varying levels of damage. For instance, hail may do minimal harm, such as slight bruising to the shingles, characterized by small divots on the edges. On the other hand, larger hailstones can crack wood shakes, vinyl shingles, and the largest ones can even puncture the roof. No matter the destruction’s scale, make sure to have the roof inspected by professional contractors to ensure there are no hidden holes and leaks.

East Texas Roof Works provides expert, comprehensive repairs after powerful and destructive hailstorms. Once the roof has endured vicious attacks by hailstones, only professional contractors with a proven track record should handle the repairs. We can provide homeowners with the peace of mind they’re looking for after such a stressful situation, owing to our first-grade repair techniques and cutting-edge tools. Once we step in, the roof is repaired efficiently and ready to take on new challenges nature has in store.


Weather emergencies can result in roof damage at any time. When a home suffers some harm, it makes life uncomfortable in many ways. For example, massive leaks can develop throughout the house and lead to other serious consequences, such as mold growth. If these issues are left unchecked, the home’s inhabitants may start experiencing health problems, which is why emergency roof repair services are a must.

After we receive a service request, our certified technicians respond swiftly and arrive at the address promptly. We assess the condition of the roof to get to the bottom of the problem. Once the inspection is completed, we can recommend the most favorable solutions, such as repairing certain sections of the roof or replacing them altogether. No matter the issue, the professionals with East Texas Roof Works can resolve the emergency and ensure a house is a leak-free place again.


Roof leaks are never good news. Apart from the immediate damage they cause, homeowners can expect further harm if finding the leaks’ location takes far too long. One of the most common causes of roof leaks is rotting, cracked, or lose shingles, especially if they are more than 20 years old. Even a backed-out nail can result in a hole, allowing a tremendous amount of water to enter the house.

To minimize the frustration and cut the expenses associated with prolonged exposure to roof leaks, hire East Texas Roof Works to perform regular inspections. If the roof has some form of damage, no worries. Our practiced technicians leave no stone unturned in their examination. Reach out to us to reveal any hidden leaks, and we expertly deal with them, just as we have done on countless roofs so far.


Adding a roof coating to a Center, Texas home is a wise investment for many reasons. First, an extra layer on the roof allows it to direct solar energy away from the house, leaving the interior cooler and more comfortable. It makes the home more energy-efficient by taking away some of the air conditioning’s burden. Also, roof coatings are nearly maintenance-free, which saves a lot of money and time.

Here at East Texas Roof Works, we use our many years of experience in providing roof coating to recommend the best solution for the house. When looking for high-quality and dependable roofers, Center locals turn to us and receive nothing but impressive results. We work efficiently, whether installing acrylic, elastomeric, or silicone roof coating. With seasoned contractors handling the installation, clients quickly receive an energy-efficient roof that protects the house better from various adverse effects.

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