Carthage Tx

Also known as the Gas Capital of the US, Carthage is one of the most pleasant and friendliest places in the world. The city features diverse weather and sources of entertainment. There are also plenty of households, schools, and other institutions where Carthage residents spend their days. However, like any other place, Carthage needs dependable roofing contractors to resolve any issues in their house or business.

Many Carthage residents have one thing in common—they rely on professional roofing contractors to install and take care of their roofs. Here at East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal, we do our best to instill confidence in our customers. This way, they gain access to decades of experience working on Texas roofs and providing homeowners with unmatched roofing solutions. We know just the right amount of materials necessary and which techniques to apply, so our practiced contractors leave no room for error.


Installing a new roof is one of the most significant decisions Carthage homeowners can make. That’s why the job needs to be entrusted to the most skilled contractors. Additionally, many people wait for their roof to start leaking before they replace it, but this can come at an extreme price. By the time the leak gets noticed, the damage is severe, and the repair is more expensive.

Hire East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal to perform a detailed inspection and verify whether or not roof replacement is necessary. If so, have no doubt that our skilled workers will carry out the old roof removal and new roof installation like no other company. All our contractors are honest, hard-working, and ensure that the new roof can withstand the test of time and endure natural elements. Rest assured that we deliver only the highest-quality installation that leaves no room for any defects.


Determining if a roof needs replacing can sometimes be tricky. The main factor is the roof’s age, so homeowners should check the records of their current roof installation date. Still, other aspects, such as maintenance and ventilation, also play a crucial role in how much wear and tear the roof has experienced over the years.

If it’s clear that the roof can’t do its job properly anymore and needs to be replaced, East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal has the solution. Our contractors go above and beyond while replacing the roof and display nothing but transparency in their work. They lay out all the details, such as how much the entire job costs. After we’re done replacing the roof and cleaning up, the new roof will shine brilliantly.


The roof is the most critical element of protection against all sorts of blows nature can inflict on a house. The main goal for a homeowner is to find a roofing solution that can endure damage from storms. However, even the most durable roofing options can be severely affected by formidable storms. Dealing with a storm-damaged roof can be overwhelming, especially if there’s a need to file a claim with an insurance company.

If the roof suffers some damage from a storm, East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal is here to step in at any time to help Carthage homeowners. Just reach out to us, and we can handle even the most severe leaking caused by high winds and storms. Our experienced team works with remarkable materials and has all the necessary tools to repair the roof at a reasonable cost.


Hail storms are dangerous because they are so unpredictable and can cause massive damage. Roof shingles suffer, gutter systems break, and skylights and other ventilation systems sustain considerable harm. In case of a hail storm, a Carthage resident should first establish the damage caused to both the interior and exterior. Even if there are no visible signs, contact East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal right away to be safe.

Our highly competent team examines the roof and discovers any traces of hail damage that may have been missed. Afterward, we employ all our expertise to repair the roof and return it to a fully functional condition. Additionally, the pros also assess whether repairs won’t suffice and if the roof needs replacing. Either way, our knowledgeable team provides all the advice and services necessary to get the roof back on track following a hailstorm.


We also perform 24-hour emergency services for any Carthage household or commercial setting. For example, a tree branch may have smashed a hole through the roof, and now it’s caving in, allowing the rain and other elements to enter; or fire might have burned down a portion of the roof, thus compromising the integrity of the entire roof deck. Whatever the emergency may be, East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal answers the call 24/7, arrives at the scene in double-quick time, and carries out all the necessary repairs.


Although roof leaks might not seem dangerous at first, they can result in serious damage to the roof and many other areas. The first area that suffers is the attic, and over time, the leak can reach the interior ceiling. Other potential water penetration victims are rafters, wall framing, ceiling joists, fascia boards, and exterior trim. If the wood deteriorates and weakens, the house may require costly wood framing fixes and other professional repair services.

Hiring the most reliable roof leak detection service in Carthage is a far better option. By having East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal examine the roof, any possible leaks are not left unchecked or allowed to wreak havoc on the entire household. Instead, our trained professionals go through each nook and cranny to detect signs of leaks. If the water intrusion is revealed, we can recommend the best way to proceed and prevent the leak from causing further harm.


Many homeowners and businesses decide to have their roofs coated. Such roofs reap several benefits, such as an extended lifespan due to the presence of silicone, acrylic, or other elastomeric material. Coating roofs as soon as they’re installed is becoming more and more popular. This way, the roof gets protected from various forms of damage from the start. Roof coating has increased reflectivity that the system underneath may lack.

However, getting all the benefits of a coated roof requires a proper installation. Thankfully, East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal has years of experience coating various roof types and knows how the process works in residential and commercial settings. Depending on the project’s size, we can brush, roll, or spray the coating and provide the roof with extra protection. Just give us a call, and we’ll make sure the roof becomes more durable and reflective.

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