Metal roofing has become an increasingly popular material for both residential and commercial purposes. The various types of metal roofs have expanded into numerous styles or cuts that homeowners can choose to suit their preferences and improve their house’s appearance. We covered the different materials used in metal roofing in An Overview of Metal Roofing: Part 1. In this segment, we discuss the most common styles of metal roofing.


A type of metal roofing offered in three typical styles is standing seam sheets. Each panel style provides different looks for a home and, from a broader perspective, is nostalgic or quaint. Panels are a less expensive option than other cuts of metal roofing available today. Here are the three styles of standing seam metal roofs:

  • R-panels are the easiest to maintain. Labor costs are usually lower when clients choose r-panels, mostly because of their easy installation. The sheets lay flat over the roof and are offered in the full spectrum of roofing colors.
  • Architectural standing seam panels provide an interlock system in between the panels. Architectural standing seams offer the optimal protection against wind compared to other roofing choices. The tight installation panel-to-panel also gives a perfect water-resistant seal, increasing the roof’s longevity and any roof below it.
  • Corrugated panels are thought to be the standard in metal roof panels. Before other pressed sheets were offered, metal roofs installed across the country had the hallmark of wavy metal sheets.

The majority of metal roofing can be installed on top of other roofing materials at any time of the year. Although installation can be comparatively fast and easy, it must be done correctly to stop premature failure due to leaks through the seams.


Shake, tile, and shingle cuts are still comparatively new to the market. As a direct result of consumer demand, roofing manufacturers now offer cuts of metal that seem to imitate other traditional roofing materials but still retain the perks of installing a metal roof. Shapes can be modular or pre-formed into sheets. 

When appropriately installed, metal roof shingles last longer than standing seam panels. Metal shingles are also cheaper and easier to install. 


Because of the different styles, cuts, and more than 100 colors offered today, metal roofing has become popular as new and improved products have been established. Panel installments provide a classic look, while metal roof shingles, tiles, and shakes offer an imitation of other materials.

The most challenging aspect of getting a metal roof installed is choosing between the many options available. Depending on the budget, the region’s moisture levels, and the amount of time the owner plans to stay in the house after installation, the contractor can help homeowners choose the best product. Between manufacturer warranties and builder warranties, homeowners can feel safe about their choices regarding one of the most significant investments they can ever make for their home.

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