Metal roofing is an excellent option for residential and commercial buildings, and over the last two decades, has grown to include many new styles and choices. Every type of metal roof changes its look, price, and performance based on the materials used.

Over 100 colors are available now, including different styles and metals that are on the market. Many options include the natural colors of the metals themselves, unique finishes, and paint. Metal roofs tend to last the longest of any roofing material currently available. However, a homeowner should investigate metal roofing choices to understand the available prospects thoroughly.

Standing seam metal roofing is the definitive cut and continues to be the most chosen style built today. There are also metal roof shingles, slate, shake, and tile cuts of roofing materials.

Installing a metal roof is significantly more gratifying after doing some homework on choosing the right style and material. Communication with the contractor is how preliminary thoughts become a plan, and ultimately action.


• Steel roofing types gain their name based on the metal or alloy used to coat them during the manufacturing process. Steel is also the cheapest metal used in roofing and thus is a popular choice. However, steel is highly susceptible to rust and corrosion. Steel roofing ultimately calls for different types of metal coats. Galvanized steel coated with zinc is the typical coat found on the market. Other steel coatings can offer added benefits depending on the metals chosen. Aluminum, for example, provides much better rust resistance.

While steel might be the least expensive metal roofing choice, the coating wears away over time. Steel roofing commonly gets changed out because of this. However, its durability is still significantly more excellent than non-metal roofing options.

 Aluminum is light, very durable, and resistant to rusting. It can come with a coat and sealer but doesn’t need it or paint to stay rust-free. Because of its rust resistance, aluminum roofing lasts a very long time. It is also in the mid-range of metal roofing prices, so it has progressively grown in popularity. It’s made mostly of recycled materials; aluminum roofing appeals to homeowners because of its low environmental impact.

Although aluminum is famously lightweight, correct installation ensures that it remains tightly secured and can withstand wind speeds of over 110MPH. Also, because it’s so light, aluminum roofing can be installed on top of existing roofing. There is a small chance that aluminum can dent since it’s a softer metal, but should this occur, individual panels can be replaced.

• Copper roofing is considered the most attractive metal roofing choice on the market, but it is much harder to find and has a higher price tag. Copper is almost always used in residential areas since it’s so much more expensive. Due to its cost, copper is typically applied only for trim or accents.

Although a popular use for copper is to complement other materials, it isn’t the right choice near different metal roofing types. The water runoff from copper stains other materials. Having the copper close to other metals induces a “galvanizing” effect where other metals absorb oxidation damage to save the copper. The different metals rust and corrode swiftly as a result.

Copper roofing is only offered inseam panels, but copper-coated metal roof shingles are also available. The most significant characteristic of copper is how it becomes a blue-green color about a decade after installation; this color transition is due to copper protecting itself by creating a natural barrier over its surface. The blue-green change is beautiful and increases the resale value when owners can call attention to their copper roofing investment. Copper roofs can remain solid for over 100 years.

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