3 Causes Of Roof Fires 

October is the dedicated month for spreading fire safety awareness. The NFPA spreads awareness and safety tips each October in an effort to keep people safe. This year’s theme is, “Fire won’t wait. Plan your escape.” Roof fires pose a large threat to the inhabitants of any home. Here are a few ways to avoid a roof fire, and 3 causes of roof fires to watch out for.

What Is Your Roof Made Of?

One of the most common causes of roof fires is poor quality of roofing materials. Be aware of what your roof is made of and the risks associated with the material. Roofing materials have four different levels of fire ratings. There are class A, class B, class C, and unrated. Class A roofing materials are the most fire resistant, with class C being the least fire resistant of roofing material types that are qualified on the rating scale. Unrated roofing materials are exactly how they sound, they are not rated for fire resistance at all and are therefore the least fire-resistant option possible. 

We recommend class A if that is an affordable option for you. This will offer you the most protection from fire hazards and exceptional circumstances such as lightning strikes. If a class A roof isn’t in your budget, there are other ways you can safely live in your home and still reduce the risk of fire danger.

Is Your Roof Leaking?

It may shock you to know that a roof leak can be a fire hazard, but this is a common cause. If you have a roof leak, water can pose a risk to the electrical wiring in the roof. Even if your wiring has a protective box around it, water has a way of seeping through to places it’s not supposed to be. 

To avoid this fire hazard, make sure you fix your roof leak immediately. This is one of the main 3 causes of roof fires. Protect yourself from water damage and fire hazards by fixing your roof leak.

When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Chimney?

Make sure you keep your chimney clean. A dirty chimney full of old burnt debris can put your home at greater risk of fire. Chimneys are also covered in old smoke that creates a layer of flammable grime in your chimney.

You can avoid this danger by cleaning your chimney once a year and by installing a spark arrestor screen. This will catch flyaway sparks and prevent embers from escaping your fireplace and igniting your chimney.

Make A Just-In-Case Plan

First, have a family meeting to discuss the most efficient evacuation route in the case of a fire. Like the NFPA says, fire won’t wait, plan your escape. The second your smoke detector alarm goes off, you have only around 2 minutes to safely get out. Make sure the whole family knows how to safely exit and determine a specific meeting point outside of the home so that everyone can get out safely and reunite in the event of a fire.

In addition to making a just-in-case plan, make sure you perform routine maintenance on your home to help you avoid these 3 causes of roof fires.

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